La Musique

It’s such a need … to lie inside the melody and revel in the harmonies. It may be voices. It may be instruments.

When two strings of the cello are perfectly in tune, the vibration of the tones ceases. The air is still and the music is drawn out of the instrument in all its glory. The melody soars …

There are pristine voices, such as Jackie Evancho, and there are raspy ones, like Rod Stewart. What matters is the soul making its way up the throat and out into the air. And the eyes! They say so much.

I want to sing a cappella, without accompaniment. Naked for all to hear. It’s so direct, so laser-like. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit out of tune or if I stumble over some of the words. (Really!)

The question: Is there a transmission from singer to listener? Rod transmits.

I want to stand on my balcony overlooking the Oudburg and sing to the people below. So far I haven’t been brave enough to. Can you see me here?

And then there’s Speeltuin Sluizeken, a tiny sliver of park just steps from my apartment on the Oudburg. A particular bench invites me … and my cello. Can you see me here too?

I also need to see me

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