Union, Ontario, Canada

Bio: I retired from teaching on June 19, 2014. And then I began to write about life ... Time for another update: In September, 2021 I gave up writing, after 1415 WordPress posts. Yesterday I started again. A few days ago I really started again, moving from Canada to Ghent, Belgium.

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  1. Hi Bruce,

    I saw your blog several months ago, and kept meaning to write you something. Time, unfortunately got away from me. However this weekend I am entertaining one of our common fellow LPCI cello players and friends, here at our house on Grand Manan Island New Brunswick, and the two of us wanted to write you and say a joint hello.

    So here we are, Deborah Harrison and David Omand.

    I and my husband Walter live halftime in Toronto, the other half on Grand Manan, since I retired from sociology university teaching in 2007. David, who has had by far the more illustrious career, practised medicine, along with his wife Janice, in Cold Lake Alberta, now is retired (sort of) in Vernon BC. They stopped in on us this weekend, en route to visiting their daughter in Cape Breton.

    We took a photo of ourselves today, and wanted to send it to you. If you send me your email address, I will do so, even though we do not look quite the same as in the early 1970s.

    Meanwhile I will read a few more of your blogs – you always were a terrific writer! – and try, with David, to find the one you wrote about playing the cello in the LPCI orchestra.

    All the best from your old friend,


    • Debbie! David! Would you believe the first time I saw your message was … now?! Because that’s true. Before yesterday, my last post was in September, 2021. That’s when I gave up writing. Yesterday I started again.

      I’m ready for bed. I’ll write again soon. And I can’t find your photo.

      • Hi Bruce, Great to hear from you! David has several times asked me if you ever replied. I am glad that you did. I still have the photo taken of David and me, but am not sure how to post it to a blog. Do you have an email address? Since David and I wrote you, I have been in touch with another old classmate – Jane Halpenny. She now lives in Fredericton (I found that out in the obit for her father), and will visit us on Grand Manan this coming spring. I last saw her in 1977 at a bridal shower given by her mother. She is now divorced and a grandmother, whose grandkids live in Fredericton. I am in Toronto now until April or May. It would be great to have a chance to meet, or at least do a zoom or FaceTime. I am not sure where Union is. Hopefully not too far from Toronto. I have been thinking of LPCI days very recently because it was noted this past week in the Globe that Natalie Kuzmich died at the age of 90 on January 7. There will be an in-person gathering this Saturday afternoon at her home in North York, and a virtual gathering on March 11th. I was thinking that I might go to the virtual gathering. You, David, Jane Halpenny and I should all go! I hope you will send me your email address, and am glad to be back in contact.

      • Hi Debbie,

        Or is it Debby, or do you prefer Deborah? So many questions.

        I’ve just moved to Ghent, Belgium from Belmont, Ontario. Time to get rid of the Union stuff.

        Send me an e-mail at brucio6@gmail.com.

        Old friends … rediscovered friends.


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