Bruce News

Hi friends and neighbours,

Here are some events in my future life:

1.  Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, June 16), an article will appear in the Today section of The London Free Press, mentioning local authors and the books they’ve written.   Although there won’t be a review of Jodiette: My Lovely Wife, I expect that there’ll be a photo of my dear wife from the front cover, and info about how to get hold of me for a copy.

2.  On Friday, June 26, the Chapters store in south London (Wellington south of Southdale) will be hosting me for a book signing.  I’ll be there from 4:00 till 7:00.  Chapters will be getting some money from this.  I’m hoping that I can charge people only $5.00.  I’ll also be signing Jody’s book on Saturday, September 5 from 11:00 till 2:00.

3.  I want to be Jake in the play Jake’s Women, to be performed February 11-21, 2016 at the Princess Avenue Playhouse in St. Thomas, Ontario.  Auditions are months away, and the director will either choose me or someone else.  But in my heart of hearts I know … I am Jake.  It may be December before I can let you know whether I’ve been picked.  If it happens, I hope you’ll come see me.

Okay, is that just a lot of blowing my own horn?  I hope not.  In fact, I know not.  I’m just so happy to be this engaged with life.  May it continue.