How Many People Did I Touch Today?

I mean touch with my heart, rather than my hand

Well, let’s add them up …

1 – A friend created a painting of me last night. I loved it. This morning I thanked her in a text. I believe she was pleased.

2 – Another friend, as well as a neighbour, sent me a photo of France’s lavender fields this morning. I replied, full of my yearning to be there.

3 – At breakfast, I talked with my server about her leaving the job next week. I also listened.

4 – At the grocery store, I thanked the young man who worked so hard to translate a product from Flemish to English. I needed bleach and that’s what I came home with.

5 – An employee of a Canadian company hung in with me on the phone for nearly an hour, helping me navigate the waters of finance. I saw his dedication and told him so.

6 – I invited another friend to go for coffee with me sometime. She sounded happy that I asked.

7 – Yet another friend coordinates the financial support that some young people in Senegal receive from us. I paid for a few months of a man’s tuition today. My friend smiled in her text.

8, 9, 10 – Including this one, I’ve written three blog posts today. Let’s be conservative and say that each one has reached one person.


That’s ten people!

I’ll take it

I’m happy

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