This is my 1500th post on WordPress.  I started writing them on June 20, 2014, the day after I retired from teaching.  A few years later, I began putting them on Facebook too.

“It’s a huge number!”

“No, it’s just a number”

Both are true.  It’s a lot of writing, almost all of which I can’t remember!  Endless topics that I felt drawn to – moments, people, places, feelings.

How strange that it all seems to have blown away in the breeze.  Nothing has accumulated.  And I want to keep doing it.  Probably I won’t remember these words tomorrow!

Somewhere in the world are folks who nodded in response to a post of mine … or vigorously shook their head “No!”  It’s all good.

I figure my hands are meant to be open, with my fingers unfurled.  Wrapping around and squeezing tight doesn’t sound like a good idea.  We need to breathe deeply.

Perhaps one of my thoughts will land lightly on someone’s palm, stay awhile and then float away.  I hope so.

What does it all mean?  Maybe nothing.  What if I live my life in the very centre of what I’m experiencing, without adding any conclusions?  No “and therefore …”

Sounds like fun to me

2 thoughts on “1500

  1. This is amazing! I have not read all the 1500 by a long shot, but since following you along the last few years I sure have enjoyed your words and photos!

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