Another tranquil summer Sunday shattered by the incessant yapping of humans

It’s strange.  I love to talk, but only about matters of the heart.  I love telling stories that leave people laughing, crying or thinking.  But I love silence even more, whether being beside Jody or with myself.

Many a time in a group conversation I have nothing to say.  I’m not interested in problems that some folks love to unearth.  I’m not interested in the latest scandal, whether it’s the Hollywood or political version.  And I don’t care about the darn weather.  I figure that weather is good and we need to have it, the more variety the better.

I wonder if some people think I’m stupid, stuck up or unsocial when I don’t participate in the current topic.  Oh well.  Let them think what they want.  I’m happy being silent, just watching the flow of events, mostly without judgment.  “Bruce, you’re so quiet.”  “Yeah, I guess I am.”

Jody is fine with not talking as we sit together.  If we’re outside, the birds usually have plenty to say.  If we’re cuddling in bed, no words would add to the love.

Occasionally in quietness I beam good stuff to the other person.  Usually though, even that feels too forceful.  It’s good to just be with them, not throwing energy outwards but instead letting it waft away, like a fine mist.  Space hangs in the air.

And then there’s sitting meditation.  Jody and I have a room with a hot tub and warm brick walls.  I have a comfy chair in there that seems to surround me, wrapping me in its arms.  It’s a marvelous feeling to fall into deep silence within, no matter the sounds without, and to respond with grace if someone speaks to me while I’m meditating.  I read a story once about a guy who was determined to be a great meditator.  He focused like anything on his breath.  One time, his daughter walked in to show him something she’d drawn … and he chewed her out.  “Can’t you see I’m meditating?!”  No thanks.  People deserve better.

Sitting meditation is very cool.  Thoughts come and thoughts go.  It’s all right.  Images show up unbidden.  Woo … where did that come from?  And them I settle back again.  So quiet.

Right now, right here, I’m still
Writing this has been a meditation
Enough said

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