What Are the Lines of Joining?

We are together … you and me and so many others.  As human beings, we are joined.  Sometimes the lines are visible, such as two kids having fun on the ends of a skipping rope.  Or when two arms reach for hands.

Often, though, the lines are hidden from normal ways of being.  The physical eye doesn’t notice the connection but it’s alive nonetheless.

Alex Grey is my favourite artist.  See mom kissing away the child’s owwie.  See their eyes.  The line is real.  May it always be so between them.

I remember another line.  Decades ago I had a gall bladder attack and ended up in the hospital.  My former wife Rita contacted my then girlfriend Jody to see if I was all right.  The line joining us told Rita I was in trouble.  What mystery!

I have friends living in Toronto, Belmont, New York City, California, Alberta, England, Maarkedal … and Ghent.  The lines are there, bringing us close, creating a glistening spider web of human intersections.  All with nothing needed to be said.

Ahh … I’m sensing the world wide web now.  The eyes of people from the countries of the world are with me.  I haven’t met them, and I know them.

Here we all are

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