Going … Almost

The big going was completed on January 28 … I left Canada and arrived in Belgium to live.

Four months later, it’s time for another going. On Monday I’m taking the train to Amsterdam for four nights and then to Brussels for three more. Just me – splorin’.

I hope that my future holds “I’ve never been to _______ and I’m heading there.” And how about “I’ve never done ________ and I’m going to?” Yes.

Staring me in the face is Amsterdam and the world between here and there. Why not? Why not Monday?

All I have are stereotypes about the city, such as it being overun by tourists and having the biggest “red light district” in Europe. And art! Some fellow named Rembrandt. Plus there was Anne Frank and Hitler’s war machine.

Will I go visit some of the famous stuff? Probably … but I want to be unpredictable. Who knows what will beckon me in the moment?

I’ll roam some tiny curving streets, walk into some “sketchy” cafés and see who I can talk to there. I want to reach people whose lives are way different than mine. If a Canadian comes by that’s fine but I’d prefer conversations with Iranians and Italians, Muslims and Sikhs, and folks with dark skin.

I’m familiar with “I know” but that gets boring after awhile. It’s time for more “I don’t know”s – more mystery.

What do Dutch people have for breakfast? No idea. Hopefully I’ll sample things far from my morning routine.

Will there be dancing in the street? Weird and wonderful animals strolling by? All the clothes of the rainbow? Let’s say yes.

But (wait for it) there’s Thursday! Bruce Springsteen and me. I’m pretty sure he’s arranged a backstage pass for me. If he hasn’t, he should.

50,000 of us will be in Johan Cruijff Arena to hear “The Boss” rock the night with the E Street Band. And I know that he’ll sing Badlands just for me. We the crowd will blast out the chorus … no problem.

I’ve seen Bruce twice, many years ago. But I’m leaning into a fresh 73-year-old, giving the classics delightful twists.

Okay, enough about Amsterdam. I travel from there to Brussels on Friday, May 26. Up ahead on the weekend is the Core Festival – techno music, awesome light shows and breakthrough dancing in Osseghem Park. I wonder if there’ll be 50,000 more human beings to grace my life. Peut être.

My body will be sore. My soul will be soaring. And my feet will fly!

Who will I meet in two Airbnb’s, on the sidewalks, in the park, on the terraces, at street corners? May they be weird and wonderful, “out there” folks who want to grab onto life for all they’re worth. Pistachio please, only a bit of vanilla.


I’m revvin’ up

I’m painting pictures in my head … all of which could be wrong!

Who cares if they are?

P.S. For those of you who have been reading me lately, tonight I’m going back to Kompass Klub

P.P.S. Okay, I lied. I’m too tired to go dancing tonight. A woman just told me that the moving and grooving only really gets going at 2:00 and lasts till at least 7:00. It’s so beyond my previous life. I was planning on going alone tonight but I need companions to inspire me for this to work. (Sigh)

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