The Past Extends

Jetje is a cozy antique shop on the Kraanlei in Ghent.  What I love is its window.

Whose hands caressed these objects in years gone by? 

Was there a little girl, dreaming of being a ballerina?  Did flowers bloom season after season in the floral pot?  Perhaps a single red rose in the tall glass vase, presented to the daughter of the house by her suitor.

Did the best Belgian chocolates fill the bowl tinted with rose?  And who is the young woman looking at, her with the sweeping hat and soft eyes?

Was avocat shared between long-term marriage companions in the tiny glasses?  Were there decades of card games won and lost?

And the gloves … Did she leave them on as he kissed her fingers?

All those people are likely gone but their spirit remains … in your responses to a window viewing.

Do you see what I see?

Actually … I hope not

You have your own universe

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