Attached to Numbers

Do I know what this graph and these numbers mean?  A little bit … not much.  No doubt, though, there are many people who would dive deep into analysis of this photo.  “What does it mean?”

Maybe it’s the monthly sales of a corporation.  Or the health of someone’s heart.  Whatever it is, someone finds it important.  It might be that the analyst’s self-esteem rises and falls with the graph.

It’s easy for me to sit back and laugh at such needless worry.  I’m this spiritually open guy who doesn’t bother with such friviolities.

Maybe …

I write my posts on WordPress and then transfer them to Facebook.  WordPress keeps tabs on how many people view my writing each day.  Yesterday 39 human beings checked out my words.  I smiled at bedtime.  “I’m reaching people!”

However it’s now today.  At 3:12 pm, the number is “0”.  And attachment has reared its hideous head.  “4” would be disappointing mid-afternoon, but nobody?!

The truth is that I’m free to create no meaning from a number.  There’s “What is”.  Why add a problem to the way things are so far today?  That would be dumb, Bruce.

No views says nothing about the value of the post I wrote this morning.  And nothing about me as a person.  I certainly want my thoughts to touch people but life ebbs and flows in so many ways.  The number of folks showing up for a Bruce post on WordPress is another one.

Oh!  Here comes a smile

“Silly goose”

2 thoughts on “Attached to Numbers

  1. Silly goose 🙂 I can hear your smile and giggles in your posts! I love that. I cannot comment on your posts when I read them at work so I often come home and enjoy a few at a time! I so enjoy your words and thoughts and the smiles you create for me! thank you.

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