Sitting at the Curve

It’s only a six-minute walk from my home. The Leie curves … and some fine human being decided that a bench should sit here.

As I approached, a large black fellow with headphones and backpack had spread across the entire bench. I said hello and asked him to move over so I could sit down. He smiled and did so.

And then the river took over … and its inhabitants. I heard what I would call warblers singing their hearts out. Accompanying pigeons sat in the trees and began their cooing rhythm. I was already being lulled.

I heard the clatter of bicycles on the cobblestones behind. Plus an occasional slow-moving vehicle. And then a spurt of fast feet – it had to be a kid, loving the day. I didn’t turn around to see.

I love curves. And today I loved the gulls flowing over the turn of the river – some right to left, some left to right. I could feel the air pressing on their tilted wings.

Later two mallard ducks followed suit … so fast and so low!

Little black ducks scurried around on the water, chasing away the mallards. A single white duck looked to be the queen in the park across the way. Her white against the green felt … royal.

Splatters of concentric circles started appearing on the river – and instantly disappeared. My glasses felt the drops. All was quiet.

The fellow was still there to my right, grooving to his music. His presence had become part of the Leie’s flow. He too was a being of the river.

The sky brightens

The circles continue

My eyes close …

And then there is just a shimmer of light

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