My friend Eric Lichtman posted this John Roedel passage on Facebook.

Let’s listen …

“This isn’t how I planned for my life to look like,” I whispered under my breath as I walked to my car.

“Tell me about it,” an eavesdropping cloud replied to me from above.

I looked up and watched the cloud billow between looking like a dove and an open hand.

The cloud continued:

“I used to be a snowfield in Montana.
I used to be a dewdrop kiss on a lily.
I used to be a puddle in a parking lot.
I used to be a river in Mexico.
I used to be a glacier.
I used to be a waterfall mist in a jungle.

I used to be so many things.”

“Doesn’t that make you sad?” I asked the cloud.

“It used to – but not anymore,” the cloud replied while wrapping herself around me like a scarf. “I don’t think either of us were created to stay the same for our entire life.”

“I’m not sure I can let go of my old life,” I sighed.

“Oh you simply must,” the cloud whispered in my ear. “Because once you release what you used to be and embrace who you are meant to be now, something amazing will happen,” the cloud said.

“What’s that?” I asked while looking at my hands that were beginning to billow and shapeshift.

“You’ll start to float.”

And with that my feet lifted off the ground.


I hear the words “Bruce Kerr is …”. I also hear the words “Maybe not …”.

What will I be further down the road?

It’s a mystery, isn’t it? I could come up with some speculations which may or may not come to pass. I could draw forth some creative use of the English language to entertain you … but someone large is saying “No.”

And then there’s you – just as unknown as me in future days. What beckons us? What is not on our radar that yearns for expression? What seems incomprehensible?

Perhaps you and I will bring forth things that have never been seen before

Shall we float?

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