In Rings of Power, mother and son are preparing for battle:

Theo: Remember when I was little, when I used to have bad dreams?

Bronwyn: I remember.

Theo: Do you remember what you used to say when you’d hold me in the dark?

Bronwyn: (nods)

Theo: Would you say it to me now?

Bronwyn: In the end, the shadow is but a small and passing thing.  There is light and high beauty forever beyond its range.  Find the light … and the shadow will not find you.

And so it is for me.  Many shadows have come my way.  No doubt this is also true for you.

Lost love

Lost health

Lost achievement

Lost money

And hanging like a cloud … lost self-esteem


It may interest you to know that I have the answer for all the woes of life:

Raise your head.  Be on the level with all those other eyes.  Seek out the horizon

And sometimes, just for fun, tilt upwards.  See the sky inviting you to realms beyond the veil

You are welcomed home

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