Being Emptied

I was meditating this afternoon.  As usual I closed my eyes but soon a far from usual sense of “flowing” came over me.  It felt like a tiny stream … and I was bobbing along.

Then I did something strange, at least for me.  I went to bed, fully equipped with sweater, shirt and pants.  I pulled the covers up to my chin … and fell asleep for an hour.

Upon waking I still felt the flow.  Something was leaving.  I was … emptying.  No – I was being emptied.  It felt like my fingers and toes were faucets, and some unknown presence had opened them all.

“Is that me leaving?” It didn’t feel that way. Somehow I felt full and empty at the same time.

I shushed my analytical self and let go into the dripping away. A smile showed up. Seconds later, it was a laugh: “Imagine that. I have a new weight loss program!”

Now I’m sitting on the couch and the … (I don’t know what to call it) continues. I’m not happy or sad. I’m just watching.

An hour ago, I knew I was going to write about this. I’ve learned in my blogging that a picture often entices people to read. So I Googled “emptying”. And voilà – images of stomachs, bladders, ponds, pill bottles, garbage cans … Clearly I was in another time zone.

Then I came across an article with a different perspective: Why You Feel Empty In Life and How To Fill It. No, not a good fit.


I wonder if you understand me

Maybe, maybe not

Oh well

Seems that I don’t understand me either

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