Someone is Taking Care of Me

I could have met no one from Belgium five years ago on that hiking trail in Alberta, Canada

On that day Lydia might not have invited me to accompany her and friends to Senegal

I could have said “No thanks” and waved goodbye

I might have lived in the same village in Canada for the rest of my life

My visa application could have been rejected by the Belgian Immigration Service

I might never have thought of engaging an immigration lawyer to secure the visa

Lydia and Jo might have lived near Ypres rather than Ghent … no seagulls

I could have gotten that apartment on Sint-Jansvest rather than the one on the Oudburg in Gent centrum

I might not have liked tagliatelle porcini

I might have never discovered Belgian beer, especially Westmalle Tripel

I might not have marvelous friends in Nukerke, Ghent and Ostende

I could have died by now


It’s all a miracle

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