There is a loss today.  The truth will emerge in these posts in the days to come but now is the time to be with something that is leaving.

It’s quiet and sad here.  And still.  I’m abiding with what is so, like sitting on a park bench together, saying a few things but mostly passing popcorn back and forth in silence.

Life is sagging now, with no scaffolding to keep me erect and solid.  And so I fall …

It’s a falling backwards, eyes closed, with somehow a tiny smile on my face.  As I drift down, some presence is there to catch me, cushioning me to the ground.

Something precious is lingering, in no hurry to go anywhere.  There’s a stretching outwards and a gentle return, being held within a shining oval ring.

Now I’m stepping, without a skip or a dance, but still in the flow of rolling somewhere.  I wonder what’s beyond the sweet clouds.

I just figured it out!  The sun is resting serenely behind the whiteness.  And it’s happy to stay.

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