Homes of Romance

I want the beloved to be supremely happy.  I want to say “Look at that!” and have her joy in what gives me joy.

Where are the spots in Ghent to hold hands, to gaze towards each other and out into the world?  I’m new here but I know a few places:

This is an alcove tucked away in The Cobbler, a sweet home for lovers in the Post Hotel.  When I arrived yesterday morning, a fellow was sitting here.  I walked up and asked if he could leave his chair while I took a picture for my blog.  His smile was wide.

I was smiling myself as I left the Cobbler, thinking of a certain woman.   Then … Smash!  I walked into a glass door, leading with my forehead.  Perhaps I’m losing my head in love.

Here we have Appelbrugparkje, a sweet sliver of green on Jan Breydelstraat.  My friend Lucrèce owns a jewelry shop on this street.

The park ends with seats by the Lieve River.  The tiny gathering place is easily missed.  It’s a sanctuary for quiet times together.

And if you’re in the mood for romance, go see Betty.  She owns Rococo, and is a master of cocktail creation.  Betty holds sway on Corduwaniersstraat in the Patershol district.  I’m a one-minute walk from this paradise of candles.  If you’re lucky, she’ll have a wood fire going to welcome you in.

There’s a stillness in Rococo that quivers with the melting of the loved ones.

This is a lovely room, graced by slanting sunshine or wispy moonlight.  I know the owner – an okay guy.  He recently moved from Canada.

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