Both Sides Now

I love long views.  Lydia’s dining room qualifies.  Way in the distance, in front of a long hedge, cars go left and right.  I wonder about the people in those vehicles.  Are they happy?  I hope so.

Weeks ago, I felt the pull of walking on roads to reach that hedge.  One day I did that.  I got confused and never did find the home when looking back.

Two days ago, I set off again.  First of all I took a photo from the backyard of the living room (left) and the dining room (right).  Sometimes confusion is a blessing but this time I wanted clarity.

Soon enough the hedge came close. Why was my heart beating so fast? What was the thrill that my body knew but my mind did not?

And then the moment …

I was looking back at me … at Lydia, Lore and Baziel. At the life of a family. I smiled.

There’s no need for analysis

It’s not “A and therefore B”

It’s just A in all its glory … sufficient

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