That’s Me!

A week ago, I told you about being interviewed by Carolyne concerning my experience in the Evolutionary Collective. I compared this discussion with the only other interview I’ve ever done, way back in the 80’s. I was so nervous then and so comfy now.

Quite quickly, Carolyne e-mailed me the link to the 15-minute video. I saw all these strange numbers and letters. No matter … it’s just a single click.

I didn’t click. “Tomorrow.”

Guess what? The day after that one was tomorrow. “Too busy. I’ll get to it.”

Life seems to arrange things so that one tomorrow is followed by another, and then one more, none of which included a viewing of the interview.

Okay, Bruce. What’s going on? I might have written that I enjoyed talking about the EC, but as my mom used to say: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating.” Guess I haven’t been too hungry. Could f-e-a-r have anything to do with this? Yes, indeed. Apparently a transformation to ease doesn’t mean I want to see my body on display.

This morning, I gently berated myself and then clicked. There I was in my red shirt, with a white door as background. I stared. Then Carolyne asked a question. I enjoyed watching myself reply. “This guy’s okay.”

Minutes later, I started laughing at something I was saying onscreen. Then more laughter. “This guy’s pretty funny.”

The me of February 10 was giggling in response to the me of February 1. Weird! And wonderful.

My mouth gaped
My soul sang
My toes tapped

Life is good