Day Thirty … Riding Low And Getting High

Yesterday I went for a bike ride.  For a guy who says that he’s going to ride his bicycle across Canada next summer and who’s been driving ta-pocketa across most of Canada this time, it’s strange that this was the first time he’s been on the seat this trip.  I rode some when Jody was sick and after she died, but not much.  I used to have a problem when I didn’t ride.  It was a “positive addiction”, a term that some author coined.  Hmm … the seasons of a life.

A month ago back in Union, I convinced myself that I’d go for a ride after every day’s drive.  Well so much for that idea.  I was tired from my hours behind the wheel.  Instead of the asphalt, I’d head to ye local pub for too much nachos and too much beer.  During the day, however, I never had too much ice cream, especially chocolate peanut butter waffle cones.  The net result of all this indulgence has to be a weight gain in the 5 to 10 pound range.  A mite blimpy I’ve become.

Ta-pocketa urged me yesterday to ride east of Longview on a fairly level road.  A few little rises but nothing to write home about.  It felt good for awhile moving the legs and floating over the land.  Then I started panting on those uphills.  I thought back to all the 100 kilometer rides I’ve done over the years and asked where that Bruce had gone.

I limped back home after a 12 k ride.  And I was sad.  I know I can get back to good fitness but I didn’t have it yesterday.  I watched myself getting depressed and then decided that pooping on me is not what I’m up to in life.  If I’m to love people and be good to them, I need to have all my resources available to me.  So I declare the beginning of my return to fitness.  Ta-pocketa, will you help me with this?

Late yesterday afternoon, our family took a long car ride into the foothills to a picnic spot that Lance loves.  Towering fir trees smelled so good and sounded so good in the breeze.  Ham and cheese sandwiches, potato chips and watermelon, followed by slingshot aiming at rocks and trees across the Sheep River.  I was the least skilled of the slingshotters but who cares?  We laughed and enjoyed each other’s company.  Ember too.  On the way home towards sunset, we saw three deer, two bighorn sheep and one elk.  So cool.

Back at the hacienda, we watched two episodes of “Just For Laughs Gags”.  One skit had a homeless man asking passerby if they had any money.  As they tried to scurry away, he placed $100 in their hand.  Oh so funny.  In another one, victims were persuaded to bring balloons and a bottle of champagne to some deserving person behind a curtain, only to find people gathered around a casket.  They took one looked at the deliverer and started crying.  Oh my.

So a roller coaster day it was.  Lots of thrills and chills.  The yin and the yang.  The up and the down.  The alpha and the omega …  Okay, Bruce.  They get the message.  Stop already.


As we contemplate the glories of today’s visit to LaserQuest in Calgary (no doubt a major workout), the last word belongs to Lance:

“May the Force be with you”

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