A legend from ancient India tells of a musk deer who, one fresh spring day, detected a mysterious and heavenly fragrance in the air.  It hinted of peace, beauty and love, and like a whisper beckoned him onward.  Compelled to find its source, he set out, determined to search the whole world over.  He climbed forbidding and icy mountain peaks, padded through steamy jungles, trekked across endless desert sands.  Wherever he went, the scent was there, faint yet always detectable.  At the end of his life, exhausted from his relentless search, the deer collapsed.  As he fell, his horn pierced his belly, and suddenly the air was filled with the heavenly scent.  As he lay dying, the musk deer realized that the fragrance had all along been emanating from within himself.

Where should I search?

At a Buddhist meditation centre
By the ocean
On top of a mountain
In a spiritual bookshop
Within the lives of the saints
At Bodh Gaya, India, where the Buddha became enlightened
In a bar
At 911’s ground zero
In Stanley Park, Vancouver
At an all-inclusive Caribbean resort
On a long distance train trip
In front of a stained glass window
In Walmart
Somewhere other than here

When should I search?

Now that I’m retired
When I’m older
When I’m wiser
When I’m more spiritually evolved
When I have enough money
When I’m surrounded by people who love me
When I’m alone
When I’m riding my bicycle across Canada
When I’m 70, 75, 80, …
Sometime before I die
Sometime other than now

Why should I search?

Can’t really think of a good reason

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