All the World’s People in My Home (Part Two)

I’m in a definite to-be-continued mode from yesterday, so here goes.  Last night, I tackled the project called “Find enough small objects to represent every person on Earth and then meditate on us all.”  Send love to every human being on our fair planet.

After I had got about half of my wayward thimble full of those tiny seeds, I had a much delayed brain wave: “Just fill the thimble, pour the seeds onto the tablecloth, and use my trusty knife to count them.”  I asked my brain sincerely why it hadn’t taken this approach earlier, but the collective cerebral cells had nothing to say.

You’ll be happy to know that my thimble holds 667 mustard seeds.  So … take soup bowl one, empty the bag into it (plus the display now adorning the tablecloth), and transfer the contents to soup bowl two using said thimble.  With a rare and precious fine motor ability, I completed the task.  One package of mustard seeds holds 139,480 of the little darlings.  (For the detail-intoxicated in the crowd, I dropped 209 level thimblesful into bowl two, with 77 lonely nubbins left over.)

Now, time for higher mathematics.  I found a website that purports to give a real time estimate of the world’s population.  I was stunned to see that we social types are giving birth about 2.5 times per second.  I had to call a halt somewhere so I declared the population of the world to be 7,250,466,704.  (Don’t worry – you’re included.)  By the powers of division, my laptop’s calculator told me that I’d need 51,982 bags of mustard seed to complete my order.  At $1.99 a bag, that came to the sweet total of $103,444.43.  But don’t fret … there’s no tax on bulk food items in Canada.

Being somewhat hesitant to tell Jody about this investment in the future of mankind, I chose to set a more modest target.  How about the population of Canada?  Okay.  35,163,430 / 139,480 = 252 bags x $1.99 = $501.48, a figure that surely would meet with Jody’s approval.

Upon further reflection, and a nervous glance at our chequebook, I let that one go too.  My current plan is to head back to the Asian market, buy seven more bags, pour all of it into the large glass bowl, and run my fingers through 1,000,000 of our planet’s residents.  That will have to do.

I’m pretty convinced that Jody thinks I’m perfectly sane.  Well … perhaps imperfectly sane.  As for me, I’m really not sure.


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