All Beings Everywhere

Like you, I had to choose a user name when I joined WordPress.  I tried “Brucio” but that was already taken.  Maybe I would have to go with”Brucio47″ to get the name accepted.  And I sure didn’t want that.  Part of the reason I started writing was to express ever more parts of what is both uniquely me and also inherent in all of us -47 made me cringe.

So … what word or words sing to me, I asked.  For a few minutes nothing came, and I was strangely okay with that.  I’ve learned to trust myself that ideas will be revealed.  And on June 15 or so, they did.  “All beings everywhere.”  May I honour them all – human, animal, insect.  And beyond that.  The Buddha described people in various ways.  Pairs of words that pointed to the beauty of us all.  I’d like to share his ideas with you, and see what bubbles up from me, so I may embrace each of God’s creatures.  Here goes:

All beings near and far

All beings known and unknown

All beings born and unborn

All beings from the north, south, east and west

All beings happy and unhappy

All beings enlightened and unenlightened

All beings male and female

All beings young and old

All beings physical and non-physical

All beings well and infirm

All beings “attractive” and “unattractive”

All beings here and there

All beings wealthy and poor

All beings of the land, air and water

All beings of the universe

All beings warm-blooded and cold

All beings strong and weak

All beings timid and brave

All beings assertive and withdrawn

All beings calm and anxious

All beings fashionable and unfashionable

All beings cool and nerdy

All beings fast and slow

All beings eloquent and tongue-tied

All beings sensitive and insensitive

All beings kind and cruel

All beings comfortable and in pain

All beings white, brown and black

All beings industrious and lazy

All beings intelligent and a little slow

All beings spontaneous and reticent

All beings able and disabled

All beings sighted and blind

All beings free and enslaved

All beings living in houses, apartments, group homes, and on the street

All beings worldly and local

All beings cold and warm

All beings fit and unfit

All beings fat and thin

All beings with hair black, brown, red, and none at all

All beings mobile and immobile

All beings generous and hoarding

All beings right-handed and left-handed

All beings who dance and those who don’t

All beings well fed and hungry

All beings included and excluded

All beings who say “yes” and those who say “no”

All beings who deserve love

All beings who want to be happy

All beings who suffer

All beings







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