Being Loved Like David

David Attenborough, the British broadcaster and creator of nature documentaries such as Planet Earth, turned 97 a week ago.

One Facebook page is up to 74,000 likes and loves and 5,700 comments full of birthday wishes.

I ask myself “What would it be like to be so revered? Is that what I want in my life, to be showered with adulation? To be known far and wide for my good works?”

No … I don’t want that.

Yes … I want to be loved, but if it’s just a few folks that’s okay. I want to lead a loving life and the quantity of love returning is not important.

Still there’s a part of me that would like to hear things like this:

You are an inspiration to us all

You are so loved and admired and respected

You dear kind caring loving Sir

There will never be another you

The world could certainly use more like him

It’s seductive … these thoughts of being loved. Do I unconsciously adjust myself so that the praise will come? Do I tiptoe around difficult moments rather than just saying what’s true for me? Do I linger in the receiving too much and burst out in the giving too little?

Here comes a smile, which I always see as a good sign. “Just continue doing what you’re doing, Bruce. Fall into the moments of generosity. See who needs a hand on the shoulder.”


There will be no statue of me at the end of my days

But I bet there’ll be a few smiles of remembrance

One or two would be fine

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