I’m the guy whose left hip sometimes hurts so much that I have trouble climbing the forty steps to my apartment.  I also love dancing.

Not the waltz and fox trot.  The throw your arms all over the place and hope you don’t hit someone dancing. Techno!  Electronic Dance Music (EDM)!

A few days ago I was having a beer in the Afsnis café and started talking to the bartender.  I told her I’ve moved from Canada and I love Ghent.  Then I said that I’m going to see Bruce Springsteen in Amsterdam in two weeks.  From there I’m off to Brussels for the Core Festival.

Her eyes widened … and it wasn’t about Springsteen.  Core is a techno event.

Next I mentioned how I’d love to go to the Kompass Klub, an EDM venue only a half-hour walk from home.  Here’s a photo:

The bartender smiled.  “I used to work there.  I can get you a guest pass for Friday night.”

Now it was my turn for wide eyes.

Today is Friday.  Tonight around 11 I’ll lighten the door of the club.  I suppose I’ll be surrounded by teens and 20s.  They’ll have more energy than me but it doesn’t matter.  I’ll dance a bit less and rest a bit more.  But when I’m dancing!  Watch out, world.

I guess there’ll be a lot of drugs.  I’m not interested.  I guess there’ll be a lot of decibels.  I’m buying earplugs today.  I guess there’ll be an incredible light show.  Yes!

I’m here in a new world

New friends

New joys

Why not go fearless into the night and shake everything I’ve got?

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