Two Quotes from the Downstairs Man

That would be Dirk.  He’s a director of plays, a philosopher, a giver of gifts, someone who lives life large.

We talked this morning over coffee.  We flowed over the words, casting our nets over a few and then releasing them into the sea.  Part of me wants to let Dirk’s thoughts slide away and part of me wants to hold on … at least long enough to share them with you.

Just two things to pass on:

What if each of us made one other person happy – just one?  It would be a beautiful world

You mean I don’t have to brighten the day of everyone I meet? I don’t have to push to contribute?  I can just relax … because surely in my lifetime one person has smiled in my presence.  One person has been touched by my love.

I don’t have to change the world.  I don’t have to constrict my energy, to focus it in a beam and aim it at folks.  If I don’t aim it, maybe it will flow outward in a giant circle … free in the sky.

And what if I’ve already met Dirk’s one person?  Well … I can spend the rest of my life bouncing along, skipping, dancing.  No have-tos of contribution.


And now number two (Dirk’s mom to her son):

You are in the world to make it beautiful

Perhaps I’m here to show people the wind.  Or to blend pastel colours at their edges so lines disappear.  Or to lift human beings a few centimetres off the ground.  Or to create huge ovals within which folks can come together. Or to open eyes so wide. Or to weave the threads from each of us into a quilt for all of us.

Or …

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