The Long View

The water you see is Napoleon de Pauwvertakking … and way in the background the Leie River. Ghent in springtime, matching the spring in my step.

I seek spots like this. I am pulled to the long view – where the horizon is far, where the future beckons.

It feels like standing back from a painting and feeling the soul of the artist covering the canvas. Details blend into the grandness of it all.

There is a bridge, over which many thousands have walked. Today there are two. I wonder who they are.

And the buildings behind them … what smiling faces of the past chose the red, blue and yellow? “Let’s stand out, shall we?”

Streets on the left and right are drawn to the Leie. Walkers, cyclists and drivers agree. There are reflections to see down below and tiny creatures skimming the surface. All is to be welcomed as the day greens in the sun.

I am paused in such moments, brought to rest from the scurryings of my mind, asked to drink in the majesty of spring. I just sit … sometimes with thought and sometimes with not.

It is complete

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