Who Created Feet?

I wonder who created feet.  Good job, whoever you are.

These long things are very efficient.  Without them, how would we keep our heavy bodies balanced in the vertical?  And it’s very cool how the left and right alternate to propel us forward.

My interests lie elsewhere however.

The hands are good at clapping but there’s real joy in slamming your ankles together.  The joy of the legs first so wide and then smushed in union.

And sliding!  Heading downhill on one of those wet plastic tubes is a hoot.  Or how about on a varnished hardwood floor, like John Travolta in Staying Alive?

Pirouetting is the best of dance.  Have you ever watched your feet in the spin?  I suppose not … or you’d end up flat on your face.

I wonder if my toes would wrap around vines so I could swing upside down in the jungle.

And then there are those cool folks with no arms who paint their souls with their feet.

Or have you ever thought how difficult skipping would be with no feet?  Surely it’s clear to everyone that skipping is essential for the full flow of happiness.

Finally in this worship of the lower appendages, consider Hollywood’s fifteen pairs of beautiful feet:

1.  Emma Watson

2.  Ariana Grande

3.  Nicki Minaj

4.  Kylie Jenner

5.  Kristen Stewart

6.  Miranda Cosgrove

7.  Katy Perry

8.  Demi Lovato

9.  Emma Roberts

10.  Victoria Justice

11.  Dirk Tanghe

12.  Jennifer Lawrence

13.  Scarlett Johansson

14.  Jennifer Aniston

15.  Ariel Winter


Who can resist this mélange of sole and skin and bones and toes?

Not I

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