Once before in my blogging, I decided to write within a stream of consciousness. I don’t remember what happened. I want to do it again. My fingers will take the lead … and keep going. At the end I’ll correct the spelling but that will be the only adjustment.

Will it all be gobbledygook?  Maybe.  Will there be gems of wisdom embedded in the flurry of words?  Doubtful.  Will there be punctuation?  Probably not.

Okay.  Here goes …


I wonder what the world is becoming within me.  Because it’s inside me, this planet , in all its agonies and blessing gs.  I feel it ruminating inside, pretending that it’s countries and races, pretending that it’s something g other than me.

The colours splash – all of tgem- and some that never existed in my mind.  They spread an join, leak into each other  dissolve the petty lines that we create.

It feels onward is he only way to go. Firalward.  Always reaching g towards the other. Notcretreati f from them.

What are you made if. Dear friend?  Who are you in the dark alleys of life and in the briflght sun.  I want to know yoy- tge glow and the warts, the crying and the the ju.pi g up and down.

Something. Is over, dine with, extra … ileaving into tge part.  I wave good ye.  And forward again I wave hello to hatever lurks in the must.  I welcome e it all. I feed on it all. I am nourished.

How many come this wat?  I don’t care.  I just need a few good companions. To look in each other’s eyes and see glory.  Yo seethe fliw of blood and spirit, to be taken up into the river and carried diwnstreM..or perhaps ipstreM.

What if it’s all upside down?  What if I ‘m getting younger, not older..  I. The birth canal, ready for a blasting g out onto the universe?  That would be fine e.

Tomorrow is a white canvas.  Dies any body have a pai t brush?  No it’s okay …  found m own.


I don’t know.  That was probably three minutes.  It’ll take longer than that to fix all the typos.  Hmm … maybe I won’t fix the typos.  Take that, reality!

See you tomorrow

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