I Trade All I’ve Known for the Unknown Ahead

This is Nori in the Lord of the Rings prequel Rings of Power now showing on Amazon Video.

Nori’s people see a straight and narrow path ahead – no one diverts from there, no one sets off alone.

But Nori’s eyes are lifted to the sky, and to far off lands of the spirit. I love Nori.

Here is her song:


This Wandering Day

The sun is fast fallin’ beneath trees of stone
The light in the tower, no longer my home
Past eyes of pale fire, black sand for my bed
I trade all I’ve known for the unknown ahead

Call to me, call to me lands far away
For I must now wander this wandering day
Away I must wander this wandering day

Of drink I have little, and food I have less
My strength tells me “No” but the path demands “Yes”
My legs are so short and the way is so long
I’ve no rest nor comfort, no comfort but song

Sing to me, sing to me lands far away
Oh rise up and guide me this wandering day
Please promise to find me this wandering day

At last comes their answer through cold and through frost
That not all who wonder or wander are lost
No matter the sorrow, no matter the cost
That not all who wonder or wander are lost


What is tomorrow and then after that?

Who wipes their feet on our welcoming mat?

Who will we be as we walk through the pines?

How will we be in the fullness of time?

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