Ter Nagedachtenis Aan

It’s a little park close by the Leie River.  I go there to be alone.  Today I go there to write.

I don’t even think it has a name.  Let’s check with Miss Google:

Oh!  I’m wrong.  I sit in the Willem de Beerpark.  It’s quiet here.  You’ll be happy to know that I saw a seagull over the river a few minutes ago.  Gulls know cool spots too.

As I left home, I thought of the easily missed street that takes me here.  I thought of the bench upon which I reside.  I didn’t even know of the plaque that my back rests on.  Here it is:

In Memory Of

Such fine words. We need to remember those who have touched us … and then departed. No doubt we smile in the remembering.

I won’t remember what you said

I won’t remember what you did

But I’ll always remember how I felt

When I was with you

Tanka had a short life. She is well remembered. I just know that

Thank you for the little sit, Tanka

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