Seven Colours

It’s my living room, with my bedroom to the left, the hallway straight ahead, and way in the distance my bathroom – green walls and orange towels.

And … blue is in my kitchen!

I’m an unusual human being.  I want things bright.  I want contrast – red beside purple is pretty cool!

Sometimes I worry about the beigeing of my life.  When I’m older, will I be too tired to stand out?  Will I allow my soul to be muted, so I’ll fit together nicely with other people of the middle ground?

Will I be neither here nor there?  Neither up nor down?  Perhaps a “Nowhere Man”:

Sitting in his nowhere land

Making all his nowhere plans for nobody

No thanks

What if people in the time ahead don’t like my colours?  Thinking that I should tone it down in my geriatric years? What if I’m perceived as “too much” – now and always?

Well … that may be true for some people but not all of them.  I’m watching for the rainbow folks, within and without.

I know you’re there

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