Who Are You in the Window?

Who are you in the window? I can’t see you but I know you’re there. You look out as I look in

Perhaps you’re five-years-old, and your eyes are just above the sill. Or you’re eighty-five and it’s hard to stay standing

I wonder if you’re happy today, if your body is being kind. Is someone dear coming to visit? Is there a favourite food all ready for your mouth?

I know you’re like me, no matter your age, gender, culture or sexual orientation. We both have the same blood. And our eyes see marvels


And now …

There is someone above you, living their own life. Do you know them? Is there a winding staircase from your place to theirs … or just the ceiling?

May there be a joining of souls, many moments of shared laughter. Because you two have the same blood as well

All of us do

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