It Takes So Long

I have the idea that completing a certain task will take “x” amount of time.  But over and over, the reality is “2x” … or even “5x”.

Many months ago, I told new friends in Ghent that I’d be living in Belgium by September.  I’d built in extra time in that calculation for visa problems.  The reality?  I landed at Brussels Airport on January 28.

Maybe five weeks ago, I started the process of selling my shares in a Canadian company.  “Should be simple,” I thought.  Today I was on the phone with three company reps for nearly two hours … and it looks like it’ll be a few more weeks before the money will enter my bank account.

As a symbol of the vast, my growing response to these challenges has been to smile (!)  What’s that about?

I don’t understand me, and that’s fine.  What mystery leads the corners of my mouth to turn upwards with my mind not involved in the process?

I’d be sitting like an innocent human being as a wave of sweetness started washing over, with no perceptible cause.  It’s strange … in a lovely way.

There’s just so much I don’t know

So much I’ll never know

(More smiling)

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