Wonder World

Not knowing anything except the breath in my body
Seeing two lovers on the Kraanlei, arms around and heads leaning in
The silver sky above the steeple of the Post
Eyes that linger on the companion
What has gone before - the bones of food and drink on the tray
"Would you like another coffee?" > "Yes"
Warm water showing up in the shower
Lying sideways on the pillow, welcoming morning gulls
A single candle sparkling the night of my room
Shafts of sun seeking to find me
A silent "yes" to the life I've been given
Wondering about the order of these words > "Who cares?"
The words bubbling up and disappearing in the air
A blast of cold shocks the cozy of breakfast
Rectangles of green on the wall, standing proud above the white tiles
Falling into the next moment, smiling as each comes
Feeling the webs of together as twenty of us inhabit the world
Ending when the end comes to say "Bye"

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