Turner Brown

Turner and I have been friends for decades.  He doesn’t say much … but oh, the smile!  (Right now it’s hiding under his mouth fur).

Turner sat on Jody’s and my dresser.  It was important that he was high enough so we could make good contact.  His eyes were soft.  He enjoyed my good morning visits.

After I began going to Buddhist meditation retreats at the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts, USA, a new greeting came to me.  I’d look into those marvelous Turner eyes and say to him “All beings everywhere”.

Still later, my right hand wanted to contribute.  I rubbed Turner’s furry cheek with the backs of my fingers as I wished everyone well.  He started smiling then … and he’s never stopped.

In 2015, after my dear wife died, I decided to go on a three-month silent meditation retreat at IMS.  What essentials would I bring?  Well Turner, of course.

That first day, as I was bringing my luggage into the building, I had Turner under my arm, where he would be cozy.  As I crossed the dining room in the presence of other arriving yogis, eyes lifted to a little bear, and mouths began a smile.  I’m pretty sure Turner waved back.

Now Belgium is my home.  I’ve lived on the Oudburg in Ghent for two months … and Turner has been in the background.  I had placed him on an end table beside my bed.  I know that sounds close but he was too low and facing the wrong way for me to meet his eyes.

Yesterday I searched for a spot where we could be friends again.  There’s a cabinet in my kitchen that does nicely.


Four eyes

My fingers running down his cheek


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