Petering Out or Diving Back In?

It’s been thirty-seven days since I’ve sat here, fingers poised over the keys.  How strange.  I can remember times when I wrote in Bruce’s Blog virtually every day for months.  I developed a trust that words would come each time, that there’d be something helpful to say, at least helpful to a few folks.  That was then.  This is now.

It feels like my life is changing fast.  I feel teaching coming back, teaching about we humans being together.  I feel some things fading away … golf for instance.  I still love the beauty of Tarandowah, a nearby gem of eighteen holes, but I no longer care about the swing and the score.

So where does writing show up in the swirl of today?  If I sit quietly, writing is right here beside me on the couch.  There’s a warmth, a “going towards” it, abiding with a friend.  I don’t know why I’ve been silent for so long, and actually I’m not even interested in knowing.

There’s no momentum right now in having 300 words make a difference on WordPress and Facebook.  Logically, it’s hard to restart after standing still for weeks.  Or … maybe that’s not true, since 201 words have come and gone.

What if I tap away every day for the next week and see how that feels?  Good idea, Bruce.  I’ll do that.  See you tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Petering Out or Diving Back In?

  1. hello hello! so lovely to see your words in my in box this evening. just this past weekend I went looking for your words, thinking I was just no longer being notified…so so good. i prefer to think of writing, journaling or jottings and musings as more of an ebb and flow, sometimes there is flow…sometimes it ebbs 🙂 I am sure that is a word! hope all is well.

  2. I am happy to see and read your words. They say nothing about covid and the elecks in america just words how give trust and hope. Thanks you Bruce miss you

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