In The Presence Of

I’m sitting in the back room of Streamliners Espresso Bar in St. Thomas, Ontario, enjoying my fancy coffee. An easy chair enfolds me.

The only other human beings in the space are two young women talking about life. They know I’m here, and they’ve chosen to have a very real conversation despite my presence. That’s pretty cool.

During the last half hour I’ve sometimes felt like a voyeur, but I know that’s not my intention. Their voices are simply loud enough to reach my ears. Actually, it’s a privilege to hear them laughing now, to see how natural they are together.

The conversation has been wide-ranging – from careers to family to … men. And that last topic has focused on the positive, worlds away from bitching about the male species. I’ve heard words such as “kind” and “generous” and “sexy”. Now they’re rambling through a certain young man’s life with “lonely” and “funny” and “I wonder if it’s possible”. Oh my God. They must be so comfy with their lives to talk like this with me here.

Lucky me!

And now it’s time to go.