I Just Want To Lie In Bed

They’re up to my chin, these covers. The house is cold but I’ve cranked the heat in my room. I want to be horizontal … at 4:00 in the afternoon.

I hear faraway voices in the b and b. They’re like whispering ghosts. Above the sheets are my hands, tapping away on this phone. Ten minutes ago I was asleep, and I feel like returning to that realm.

I don’t want to do anything important. I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to resourceful, creative, compelling, determined, effusive, sensitive, brilliant, strong of mind. I just want to flop, and so I’ve done.

At the moment other people are thoroughly optional. In fact, I’m glad they’re not here. I’m glad I don’t have to do battle with a wool blanket. I’m glad there’s no conversation that I have to hold my end up of. I’m glad my toes are warm and wiggly.

On a whim, I can open a flick on Disney Plus. Yay for smartphones! I just tried on Captain America for size but the guy’s got far too much energy for me. Besides, I can’t be bothered pulling on such a tight-fitting costume.

Make a contribution? No. Inspire the next generation? Forget it. Just leave me alone for awhile. Looking out the window, I see a Canadian flag. That’s fine. Don’t ask me to be patriotic, political or even vaguely interested in the nightly news. I’m too busy vegging.

A gaggle of birds just flew by. I hear the dullness of distant planes going up or down at the Toronto Airport. Where’s everybody going? Why don’t they just hunker down like me?

Okay … perhaps that’s enough of a comatose ramble. I’m still horizontal. I’m still happy here. I’m slow and easy.

Goodnight all