3 thoughts on “More Faces

  1. I’ve enjoyed following you journey Bruce! What an experience! I read one of your latest posts and the lyrics to “The Rose”. Odd because Winona sent me a tweet Bette Middler made about Trump today. That reminded me of that song and you playing it on Gordon and Jean’s piano years ago. I spent the day listening to it several times. Safe travels home! Get some sleep. To hell with pills pick up a good indica based oil at a cannabis store, much more effective (and enjoyable) after the giggling and munching anyway.

    Take dare!

  2. Ahh … The Rose. A song that has guided my life. Thank you for helping me remember the piano, Lance.

    No pills, just a lot of sleepless hours on planes. But I got six hours last night in Berkeley!

    Here’s to a Jaxon visit in the spring.

  3. Ah this is quite the journey you are and have shared with us! so very fascinating, enlightening, overwhelming, happy! full of joy and all the other good things that the world has to offer! Happy birthday to you from home, the ability to post comments on most of the posts seems to have disappeared! I do hope you are rested and finding your grove for the birthday weekend! find your joy ­čÖé

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