Go To Life

I was home this morning and feeling emotionally flat. The world was lying heavy on my head. As in the poem Casey at the Bat, “there was no joy in Mudville.” How strange, I thought. I’m not usually like this.

I could feel myself slumping, both physically and spiritually. And the pull was strong … to bed. It was 11:00 am. An Internet call with members of Evolutionary Collective Global was on tap for noon. Those calls are such an opportunity to be with other human beings in a very deep way but I was already saying no.

Clothes off, covers pulled back and soon the comforter was tucked under my chin. A day of rest and isolation beckoned. Sometime in the afternoon I’d meditate for awhile, just me and my soul. Maybe there’ll be a hockey game on TV tonight … I could veg to the skating artistry of Mitch Marner. Eyelids fell towards sleep.

And then …

Go to life.

What? What did you say? (You heard me) And indeed I had. The voice within jolted me awake.

There are times to hunker down and rest. This is not one of them. Go to people. Give them all you have. Start with the ECG call. There might be twenty men and women from all over, folks to contribute to. Then go volunteer in the Grade 6 class – twenty-four kids and one teacher need your presence, your words, your kindness. And then, get to the gym. One hour on the elliptical would do just fine. After that, have supper somewhere and then go to the folk music concert at Acoustic Spotlight. Once all that’s done, go home and go to bed.

Well, aren’t you a pushy fellow.

You need it.

No, I don’t.

Yes, you do. Get out there and live your life.



I did. I’m in Wimpy’s Diner as I write this. And then it’s off to hear the music of Larry Smith and Tara Dunphy.

Sometimes you have to heed the call.