Day Eight: Mission

Well, well, well. Here I am in Mission, B.C. I was by far the slowest human being but I got a cheer when I rolled down the driveway of the campground. I have such supportive companions. Today Mike, Ken and Paul specially made sure I was okay. To be cared for is so marvelous. I need to continue letting people do this, because it not only touches me but it’s a gift to them.

What would it take for me to cross Canada? I could do it very slowly, taking all the hours I need. I could walk any hills that are too much for me. In fact, that’s what I did today.

The day after tomorrow, we’re doing a long and steep ride. I have a front light on my bike. Maybe I could show up at 10:00 pm!

I wonder at the possibility that I could actually complete the tour. I’m slow on the bike, and unskilled. But there still could be a way.

I was so down during yesterday’s post. Many folks responded to me but I don’t have a good enough Internet connection to reply. In fact, I don’t know if this post will fly. Thank you all for caring so much about me.

I’m very tired and I’m heading to my tent. May I be strong enough to get to Hope, B.C. tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Day Eight: Mission

  1. Bruce — You HAVE to be strong. You have to BELIEVE that you can do this. And when you’re riding on any day -keep Signal Hill in your sights. Don’t let that vision so be strong that it debilitates you from the daily riding and each challenge that will present itself. Do NOT give up. Dig deep within yourself. You have the courage – just believe that you can do it and next thing you know -you’ll be in Signal Hill. Elaine

  2. One day at a time and even the towns you pass believe in you! there is Hope in your immediate future. Never lose sight of the moment. Thinking about the hugeness of the entire adventure is daunting, but the conditioning and lessons you will learn and experience every day will more than make up for it! So very amazing!

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