What’s with all these injury posts?  Maybe I’m just seeking attention.

My friend Adele and I went out to dinner tonight at Boston Pizza on one of those cozy and rainy evenings.  I’m marginally addicted to their cheesesteak nachos.  Adele is in a wheelchair and after we maneuvered ourselves to a booth I looked for a staff member to tell me where to park our vehicle.  Katie saw my situation and took me to a spot just inside the front door.  Using my best parallel parking skills, the deed was done.

I was heading back to our booth just as a couple was leaving.  I twisted my wet shoe to avoid them … and down I went.  I cushioned the fall with my right arm but my head found its way to the floor.  I stayed in a slump for a bit, taking in my confusing surroundings.  I looked up to see a whole bunch of people standing sideways.  Well, perhaps I was the sideways guy.  “Stay down, ” someone said.  “Should we call 911?”  “No,” I said.  In my best John Wayne rendition, I told everyone that I was okay.

In a fit of inspiration, I asked the gathering “Was I graceful?”  I don’t know what they said in reply.  I sat up.  My knee hurt.  My head hurt a bit.  But I was fine, I assured myself.  I got up and returned to Adele.

Do I share my story with her?  Of course.  She was super concerned.

A bit later, Katie came by.  “How are you feeling?  I know first aid.”  Such a sweet person.  Then she brought me chamomile tea for my headache.  Thank you, Katie.

A couple of hours later, I have a wee touch of head pain but you’ll be happy to know that the combination for my new padlock is 36-38-32.  (See yesterday’s post for an explanation of this apparently strange comment.)

The human body is a resilient little piece of protoplasm.  I will live to fall another day.


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