Admitting Deficiency

I could have done better

So said a Canadian political leader yesterday about his party not doing well in a recent election.  And how often do we hear words like that?

I love golf, and I love following the heroics of professional golfers.  Years ago, there was one particular fellow that I was cheering on.  It was sad … I was living and dying on whether he got a birdie or a bogey.  Part of the reason that my enthusiasm for him waned was that when he scored poorly he would blame bad lies in the fairway, an unlucky bounce into the rough, or less-than-smooth greens.  Anything but the fact that he hit a lot of poor shots.

My political friend apparently looked at himself in the mirror and saw that he had made some questionable campaign decisions, or that he had focused on the shortcomings of his opponents rather than on a thorough analysis of the issues and his response to them.  Whatever he was thinking, he then spoke to the media and took full responsibility for the lukewarm results.  Not the party organization, strategy or candidates.  Just him.  How refreshing.

I too need to look in that mirror.  Here are some things I see:

1.  As a young adult, I was often irresponsible with my money, even to the extent of getting a cash advance to make the minimum payment on my credit card

2.  In marriage, I sometimes bulled ahead with what I wanted to do rather than seeing what Jody’s needs were

3.  Many a time, friends would send e-mails to me and I would take forever to respond

I’m a good person, and a thoroughly imperfect one
Just like that politician
Just like all of us

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