I never would have thunk it … I’ve spent most of my evening on a dating website.  Who, me?  First of all, I haven’t dated for 30 years and that was with my lovely pre-wife Jodiette.  Gasp … I don’t know what to do!  Well, I suppose being an ordinary human being would be a good place to start.

It’s now 14 months since Jody died.  And I can feel it: I’m ready for a relationship, one that could be love for the rest of my life.  My goodness, how thrilling … and terrifying.  I don’t want to be alone.  I want to love and be loved.  I’m going to Cuba in April and somehow I want to go with a fine woman.  Maybe the timing is unrealistic but it’s sure fun being in the ballgame.

Yesterday and today, I’ve looked at the profiles of hundreds of women: divorced, separated, widowed.  All of us reaching out for love.  I hope all of us being truthful about the person we are.  Human beings wanting to be happy.

I’ve sent messages to six women who appeal to me.  They all seem kind and alive and independent.  So far no one has replied, and that’s a good healthy jolt to the ego.  I’m no perfect person but I am a good person.  Someone out there in Zooskland will see that.  Sometime in the weeks ahead, I’ll be in a coffee shop with a woman.  We’ll discover each other some.  Maybe there’ll be a second date, maybe not.  But love definitely looms ahead for me.  It’s what both Jody and I want.

Me on a dating site.  Makes me smile.

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