Caressing the Cheek

I think one of the most loving gestures in life is to draw the first two fingers of the hand down the cheek of a loved one.  So gentle.  Today, I did an experiment.  I was off to World Gym for planned exhaustion and to Costco for bodily nutrients.  I watched people and visualized touching each one of them.

One mountainous man wearing a muscle shirt was walking in front of me.  My goodness, what triceps!  When I was at an angle to him, his cheek and my fingers met each other in my mind.  It felt weird.  What would he do if I actually touched him that way?  No matter.  Despite the differences between us, my imagining made me feel good.  The gesture points to an inclusive world … one in which love flows.

I spent some time talking to two gym employees at the front desk.  They’re both in their 20’s and they’re both pretty.  My imagined fingers now included sexuality, but it was secondary to the pureness of affection.

Costco was another opportunity.  My caressing included:

1.  A baldheaded man with a phone in his ear and a microphone extending forward.  He was gesturing pointedly at his young daughter.  No smile.

2.  A little boy sitting in the food court, playing hand twists with his older brother.  Lots of smiles.

3.  A woman with continually pursed lips, walking silently beside her slumping husband.

4.  A Tire Centre employee, unshaven, and looking a lot like a Hollywood hero.

5.  An elderly gentleman with a bad cold, leathery skin and faltering steps.

6.  An eager fellow pushing his cart far too fast through the crowded aisles.

7.  A girl, maybe 3, looking up in wonder at her mom’s face.

8.  A pretty young woman behind the hot dog counter, eyes so wide to match her smile.

All those cheeks
Some rough, some smooth
Some youthful, some ancient
Some happy, some sad
I touched them all

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