Books Into Hands

Jody’s books arrived 19 days ago but it took me awhile to figure out that I could go to the various schools I’ve taught at over the years to see who would like a copy.  As an itinerant teacher, I’ve visited low vision students in about 45 schools.  So far, I’ve been to 8 of them.

I sure don’t want to press people to take a book.  “Feel free to say no.”  What I’ve found, though, is that a lot of folks don’t want to be given a copy that could have gone to someone who might be closer to me than them.  So they don’t ask.  Most often I ask, they smile, and Jody’s story ends up in their hands.  That makes me happy.  I want our journey to reach people.  I don’t want money.  I’m hoping that the love which Jodiette and I share moves people to look a little more closely at their dear ones, to see the beauty in the person across the dinner table, to move beyond the busyness of life to the immediacy of the moment.

I went to three schools today.  Two recipients of our love story cried.  A few Grade 6 kids asked if they could have a copy.  We arranged for their teacher to read Jody’s book first, and if she thinks it’s appropriate, a child’s parents could contact me and ask for a book.  A friend mentioned that’s she’s taught her kids about the impermanence of life, and how we need to treasure each other while we have each other.  One woman has been through hell with relationships and physical issues and was so pleased that I included her.  I got lots of hugs.

The love received is very beautiful and I am blessed to have it come my way.  Still, what I want most of all is to have the love burst out of the pages into people’s hearts, and from there into the hearts of those they hold close.  What happiness to imagine Jody’s love, and mine, and her humour and courage, flowing across the globe.  That may or may not happen on the physical level, but in the realm of Spirit …  it’s all over the world.  Thank you, my lovely wife.

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