Defeat and Triumph

I’m a bit behind in my World Cup watching on the PVR.  This morning I took in the Brazil-Germany Semi-Final that was played on Tuesday.  I’ve been absolutely committed to avoiding any soccer news – hiding the sports section on myself, having a friend set up the PVR for a game featuring teams I didn’t know were playing, prepping the hygienist at the dental office to make sure the overhead TV wasn’t on a sports channel.  Such dedication to the world of surprise.

And the game today was one shocking surprise.  In the first half, Germany scored four goals in six minutes on its way to a 7-1 thrashing of the host country.  Such a match is virtually unheard of, and created a lot of hurt among the 58,000 mostly Brazilian fans.

There was so much to see during those 90 minutes.  It seemed that all of human nature was on display:


The Brazilian team, mouths wide open as they sang their national anthem

A young Brazilian woman, face painted in her country’s colours, tears flowing

German fans, all decked out in red, black and yellow, jumping up and up and up

German players playing less aggressively in the second half, showing some mercy

Brazilian fans, late in the game, shouting “Ole!” after each successful German pass

Fred, one of Brazil’s star players, being booed lustily when he was replaced

Andre Schurrle launching a ball into the tiniest space of the top left corner … Goal!

A section of Brazilian fans, their faces dead, applauding Schurrle for his brilliance

Near the end, a Brazilian player helping a German player to his feet after a collision

Feeling the agony of 200,000,000 Brazilians after the team’s worst ever defeat


Such a magnifying glass … sports.  Showing us our fragility, heartbreak, joy.  Arms straight up or face buried in hands, it’s the human condition.  Whether we’re German, Brazilian or Canadian, we know the story.

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